How to write a good blogpost

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Mar 19, 2024 6:57:39 PM / by Miguel Schalkwijk

How to write a good blogpost

Hi there!

Here are my tips on writing a good blog post. Have fun and let me know what you think. 

Three tips to writing a great blogpost:

  1. Write about something you find interesting

  2. Choose a trending topic (keeping in mind the first tip)

  3. write and re-write. Rome wasn't build in a day and neither will your blog be perfect the first time around. 

Three hundred words on writing a great blogpost is a bit much. Therefore I will try to convince you that writing a great blog is not about the writing at all. It's about finding what your audience finds interesting.

Miguel Schalkwijk

Written by Miguel Schalkwijk

Marketing professional and SEO protegé

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